Mission & Vision (Kingston Lacrosse)

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Welcome to the Kingston Lacrosse Association, where passion for the game meets the commitment to community growth. Established by a dedicated group of volunteers, our association continues to grow fueled by the love for lacrosse and a shared vision of expanding its reach in Kingston.

At Kingston Lacrosse, we believe in the transformative power of sports, and lacrosse, with its rich history and thrilling gameplay, holds a special place in our hearts. Our mission is simple yet profound: to foster a vibrant lacrosse community in Kingston, where players of all ages can learn, compete, and thrive.

As a team of enthusiastic volunteers, we bring diverse skills and experiences to the table, united by a common goal of creating opportunities for individuals to discover the joy of lacrosse. From organizing events and coaching clinics to developing youth programs, we are dedicated to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone interested in the sport.

What sets Kingston Lacrosse Association apart is our unwavering commitment to community engagement. We understand that the true essence of lacrosse lies not just in the game itself but in the relationships built on and off the field. Through collaborative efforts with local schools, businesses, and organizations, we aim to create a lacrosse community that extends beyond the lines of the playing field.

As advocates for growth, we actively seek to introduce lacrosse to new audiences, encouraging individuals of all ages and backgrounds to embrace the sport. Whether you're a seasoned player, a curious newcomer, or a parent looking for a positive and dynamic extracurricular activity for your child, Kingston Lacrosse Association welcomes you with open arms.

Join us in this exciting journey as we work together to grow the sport of lacrosse in Kingston. Be a part of a community that values teamwork, sportsmanship, and the thrill of the game. Together, let's make Kingston a lacrosse hub where passion meets play, and friendships are forged through the love of the sport.

Discover the joy of lacrosse with Kingston Lacrosse Association – where the game is more than a sport; it's a community, a lifestyle, and a shared passion.